Summer in Bad Gastein

In summer the village is dominated by a roaring waterfall. Snow melt from the upper reaches of the valley flow into the river which cascades over a great waterfall around which the village is built.  Walking or driving along the main road through the village takes you over a bridge traversing the waterfall affording spectacular views.

Bright blue skies, pristine natural environment, clean alpine air, and summer temperatures which in the upper 20s during July and August, all combine to make Badgastein the perfect summer holiday destination.

Walking, hiking, cycling, golf, outdoor yoga and swimming in a natural lake, all right in the valley and surrounding mountains will keep you active and busy. You could then wonder along the contour path to one of the mountain side cafes or alms for a bite to eat or into ‘town’ to a street café. Down at the foot of the waterfall is a bar/restaurant in the renovated building which housed the old  hydro-electric power station!

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