Bad Gastein

Why you will decide to stay here!


View from apt

Night view from apartment

Summer time


The Felsentherme is opposite the railway station and is the perfect apres-ski water-solution to your sore muscles!
There are a choice of thermal water pools indoor and outdoor. Water slides for the kids and saunas,Turkish baths and steam rooms for the adults.

Gasteiner Heilstollen

This is a unique health spa experience deep in the mountains on the way up  to Sportsgastein. Natural sauna tunnels are accessed in a mine-like train that take you 2 km into the mountains where the air is hot, humid, damp and full of radon- and mineral-giving properties.


This is one of my favourite ways to unwind. Only 5 minutes from the apartment, just before the waterfall, you can sit in a steam cabin, receiving radon-filled steam from deep down in the earth which is relaxing, detoxing and health-giving. The Dunstbad also offer fantastic massages!

Badgastein straddles the high-end of the north-east running, circa 40 km long, Gastein Valley. Sportsgastein, some 8 km further up, marks the top-end while Dorfgastein, the entrance of the valley from the B311, is the foot of the Gastein Valley.

The dominant feature  of Badgastein, which is 1000 metres above sea level, is the waterfall at the centre of the old town, It roars through the town tingling all your senses: the sound is all at once deafening but calming. The force of the water creates a permanent overhanging mist in the river valley, and its power is majestic and unmistakable.

The town itself comprises a series of hairpin bend roads which are about 15m apart vertically, straddling both sides of the river valley, creating beautiful views across from one side to the other. The Alpine character is impressive with stately buildings, pine forest and mountain making up a pricturesque and beautiful environment which is free of industry and pollution.

Badgastein originated as a spa town being built above over 300 natural radon-thermal springs. Many of the hotels are built in order to harness the rich mineral and health-giving properties of the water. The Felsentherme at the top of town is a public, well-run water centre comprising many different pools, some outdoor but heated, including saunas, Turkish baths, etc. The water source is also a natural spring.

On both the western and eastern sides of the valley are ski runs in winter and hiking trails or walks in summer. The main ski lift being Stubnerkögel on the western slope. This ski lift is interlinked with other ski lifts down the valley, namely, Angertal and Schlossalm.





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